Bling Ball

Petal by Rose Gold

$100.00 - $800.00
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**Bling Football** $300

Make a dazzling statement on the field with our Bling Football! This unique sports accessory is not just a regular football; it's a handcrafted piece embellished with high-quality, sparkling crystals that catch the light with every throw. Designed for the enthusiast who loves to stand out, it features a standard size and weight, ensuring it's game-ready and conforms to official specifications. Whether used for display or play, this Bling Football adds a touch of glamour to your game. Perfect for collectors, special events, or as a gift for the sports lover who has everything.


- Standard size and weight

- High-quality crystals

- Durable construction

- Ideal for collectors or display

- Perfect for special events or as a luxury gift


**Bling Basketball** $400

Elevate your game with our Bling Basketball, a show-stopping piece that brings luxury to the court. Each basketball is meticulously hand-encrusted with radiant crystals, offering an eye-catching shine that's unmatched. The ball is regulation size and weight, making it suitable for both play and presentation. Whether it's a centerpiece in your sports memorabilia collection or a functional piece of art for a high-end charity match, this Bling Basketball is sure to turn heads and make a statement.


- Regulation size and weight

- Hand-encrusted with sparkling crystals

- Perfect for play or display

- A standout addition to any collection

- An unforgettable gift for basketball aficionados